Monday, 7 March 2016

Playground Zones!

As a part of the PB4L we have been looking at the areas of the school we can play and areas we are unable to to go without an adult.... As seniors and leaders of the school we have a very sound understanding, Ka pai tamariki! 

Ruby working hard on her map!

Everyone busy busy!

Alex, George and Ayden teaming up!

Pure concentration 

DeLana doing her stuff 

Heads down and pens racing

Working Away

Ayden adding his part

Talk and discussion 

Ruby checking in

The dream team

Camp at Marahau!

We where lucky enough to spend 4 wonderful days at Marahau Educational Camp! Here are some photos of the great times we had! We hope you enjoy them!
 Our Camp Whanau 

 Our Camp Whanau 

Jess getting some tree time

Tamariki searching for some kai

Girls getting their toes wet

Whaea Kelly and Alex off wandering 

 The kortiro showing Whaea Cindy what they have found

DiLana, Ayden and Sophie with their starfish 

 Some big ones and some smaller ones

Ayden with a handful

 The smallest star

 Alex taking some time to relax from his busy schedule 

 The great hunters

The Rainbow Connection
 Jen taking down King Jesse

 Getting in some drawing time

Rise and shine

Cannon striking a pose 

Another morning in paradise
 Dig ourselves deep

 Wading back in the water

 Sophie checking out the crew 

Kade getting knee deep

 Jesse on a misson 

Ruby striking a pose 

Building some castles 

 Selfie after our 5hour tramp in the rain and wind

Stoping for a bite to eat at Stillwater Bay 

All smiles in the rain

All laughs in the wharekai

 Just happy to be there!

 Walking in the rain is great!

 Wet and cold...only the beginning


Taking a selfie to start the tramp!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Hi my name is amos⚽️🇳🇿

Hi I am Amos I am I am a year 6 I am 11 years old .I am I was borned in Malaysia 21 July I am a boy I have 1 brother and 1 sister. My mum is from Myanmar and my dad is from Chin. My mums name is Mai and my dads name is Salai. My favourite sport is soccer, my favourite colour is blue and green and I live on a hill I get tired when I go up the hill with my bag after School😒.  My favourite animals are attic wolves and snakes🐍

Monday, 16 June 2014

Top Team!

Top Team came to town and we had got stuck in! It was a great day for everyone. Bar the weather but that didn't hold us back at all!

Pupils of The Week!

Weel done to these people for Super Stardom! many more to come with all the stars we have in Room 13!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Buddy Reading with Room 6 and Matua Chris

Buddy Reading With Room 6

Every Tuesday we have buddy with Room 6 and Matua Chris. One week they come to Room 13 and the next week we go to room 6. When they get here they find a buddy. Then they read to us sometimes we compliment them about their reading. After we have heard them read we read them a story. My story I read was the Simpsons madness. We do this because we are helping them to become better readers and to make friends with us.

By India

Lily and Sophie showing their reading skills to their little buddies
Bandana listening to her buddy read while Isla and Emma read to their buddies
CJ and Deja Reading to their buddy
Ezra sharing his great reading with a buddy
India and Hannah reading to their buddies